How does this work?

We collect samples during different times of production, analyze the spectral data, and build calibration models for predicting chemical attributes during production.

How long does it take?

It takes 20 days of close collaboration to create a customized model for your needs. It can then be implemented right away during production.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the operation scale, our fee covers model development, calibration and validation, software and spectroscopy tutorial and troubleshooting. Large food processors that perform hundreds of quality control tests per day will pay an annual licensing fees. Our technology is capable of saving ten times that amount.

Which spectroscopy equipment should I buy?

This depends on the type of crop you handle, the chemical traits you measure and level of sensitivity required. Our technology accepts data from all types of equipment.

How accurate is your analysis?

Models used are customized to each operation and calibrated to the crop and process, resulting in the highest accuracy achievable with the latest technology.

How does spectral analysis save me money and time?

Spectral analysis saves money because multiple tests are performed at once. Regular lab tests require many different QC equipment to measure the parameters needed to determine the quality and safety of samples. It also saves on labor costs, optimizes productivity and cuts testing time from days/hours to seconds.

Do we require training for staff?

Staff will need to walk through spectroscopy testing and the software platform. It is expected that a small group could become fluent in half a day.

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