Case Study

Pacific Coast Producers:

NIR spectroscopy + Machine learning + Engineering
Tomato Sauce Analysis

The Problem

Pacific Coast Producers relies on different types of tedious lab based chemical testing methodologies to manage their quality control operations. As production increases, this becomes even more problematic because of the delay caused by the current testing methods created new logistics and storage challenges.

Our Solution

Our team took a user centric approach by collecting over 200 samples during different production times to develop custom NIR technology for rapid assessment of salt concentration in tomato sauce. The merger of powerful & portable NIR spectroscopy equipment with a simple but intuitive user interface cut sample testing time down from 3.5 hours to 30 seconds.

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Problem Analysis

Consulting Design Engineering

Upgrading their quality control infrastructure was a key decision that was imminent considering the rate of projected growth of the company and industry. Consolidating their quality control services using a rapid testing technique and a software platform that managed data distribution seemed like the perfect solution.

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Solution Approach

Consulting Design Engineering

In addition to getting test results in realtime, the new system enables management a secured access to testing data in realtime which drives quick decision making based on verifiable data. Ultimately, this new approach enables our client to remove the bottleneck created by traditional testing methods and move towards a sustainable future by adopting non-invasive testing methods.

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